About Us

RTG NetworksPodcasts should be more than a substitute for radio and television. They should change our expectations of what media can be.

At its core, the Ready To Go Shows network is about informing and entertaining. We work to assure that our review shows provide objective, down-to-earth opinions so others can make informed choices. The opinion and biographical shows aim to amuse while providing a deeper look at topics most media outlets don’t have the time or resources to explore.

Behind the scenes, we value sharing, open content, and the idea that everyone should be able to create without spending a fortune. Whenever possible, our content is released with a Creative Commons license so others can benefit and create the same way we have. On the technical side, our work would not be possible without a host of free software applications like Audacity, OpenShot, Kdenlive, GIMP, Darktable, and Inkscape, not to mention open content sites like Morguefile, Everystockphoto, and the Free Music Archive.

The Ready To Go Shows network is a project of Actively Hostile Enterprises. For more information about podcasting with the Ready To Go Shows network or for sponsorship inquiries, please contact us here.