ScottScott Tidmore

Co-Host – Ready To Go Patio Show

Scott wears many hats to make the Ready To Go shows happen. Just about anything you’ve heard, seen, read, or watched from us has been through his hands.

When he isn’t working on podcasts, Scott is the managing partner of Actively Hostile Enterprises, a communication and marketing firm in Oklahoma City. He is currently completing his B.A. through the UMass Amherst University Without Walls program. In his downtime, he plays Fallout 4 and cooks excruciatingly spicy food.


 David Courtrightdave-headshot

Co-Host – Ready To Go Patio Show
Co-Host – Ready To Go Café Show

A veteran performer, David spent much of the last few years promoting, teaching, and evangelizing improv in Oklahoma City. He regularly appears with Red Dirt Improv, Central Improv (the UCO student improv club), and The Big Time Happy Fun Gang. His breadth of experience makes him a fantastic Statler to Scott’s Waldorf on the Ready To Go Patio Show.

Between performances, David is a full-time student at UCO and spends far too much time on patios around central Oklahoma. He also drinks more iced tea than any human should.